Legal and advisory services

We assist in setting up businesses within the European Union and help with legal issues throughout their development. Being acquainted with the law of a target country is essential for success.
Contact us and cross problematic tasks of your to-do list!

Business internationalization

We help our clients to locate business in the desirable part of Europe as a branch, an agency or an entirely new entity. We always act in accordance with the local law. Our experts share their comprehensive knowledge of human resources, taxes or real estate.
We will get your business to the next level!

Contracts negotiating

In order not to jeopardize your company – consult contracts with specialists! This way you avoid unforeseen consequences. It may seem difficult to strike a balance between cooperation and self-interest, but experienced professionals know how to achieve it.
Trust us and your business will be safe!

Our mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive legal consulting during expansion into new territories and to protect entrepreneurship on the European market.


We want to become the leader of cross-border legal consulting and facilitate the overcoming of business obstacles.

Meet our team

You will be attended by a team of professional lawyers. We have experience in dealing with various issues concerning businesses of different profiles and legal forms, operating in Poland or in foreign markets. Our team also consists of EU fund specialists. Our complex support is an excellent convenience whether you’re new to the business world or an experienced entrepreneur.

Clients opinion

When I was moving my business to the UK, I had many doubts. I decided to ask Konsento for help. Experienced lawyers took care of all the formalities. I could focus on what I know how to do best – getting new customers and serving them.

Once I signed a contract using a free of charge form I found online. It turned out to be very detrimental to my company. The form wasn’t well adapted to my business’s needs. I didn’t think it might entail serious consequences. I have learned my lesson. Each contract is different, it requires attention. Now I consult them with a specialist from Konsento every time. I advise you to do the same.

When we acquired foreign capital we were forced to open a branch in Germany. We decided to move a part of the Polish team there. We had to start calculating their salaries in a different way. We had no idea how to cope with it. We outsourced legal and payroll matters to Konsento. It turned out to be a very good decision. We strongly recommend Konsento services.

– Finnchat

We are a group of students with an innovative idea for business. Unfortunately we don’t know much about the legal aspects of doing business. Konsento gave us professional help and took care of us. Now we don’t worry about paperwork, application forms or legal loopholes. We recommend Konsento services to young entrepreneurs. When you make your first steps in the world of business the amount of formalities may scare you. Konsento takes care of it, meanwhile you are able to channel your energy and creativity into developing your idea.